About Arangaya Apps

Arangaya Apps is a Creative Mobile Application Development Company which was founded by Chamira Fernando & Shenal Murray in 2009. So far Arangaya Apps has developed more than fifteen iOS Apps.

Arangaya Apps started it's journey at the early stage of mobile apps industry when iOS was just starting to get popularized. Being early into the AppStore it had the advantage of becoming the leading app developer catering to the Sri Lankan Market. Arangaya Apps is the proud developer and owner of SL Radio, SL Dictionary, iSinglish and SL Paper which were top selling apps in Sri Lankan AppStore for more than three months.
Initially Arangaya Apps was targeting only the Sri Lankan Market, but now it is widespread among different nations with apps such as Grammar Police, Ask Rusty, T20 Live etc...

Arangaya Apps recently entered into partnerships with some well known companies to develop the most creative and useful apps for their users. We're currently working on few interesting and creative projects and they will be released very soon.

Before we forget, Do you know why we chose the name Arangaya? It's because Arangaya (Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush) is an endemic bird to Sri Lanka and is endangered too, and so are WE!!!


Chamira Fernando - Co-Founder


Chamira started his career as a web software developer and then he changed his career path to a Mobile Apps Developer during the time he worked in Singapore, which was the time when smart phones started to boom.

He is 30 years old and holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Computing from the University of Greenwich. Currently he works as a senior Software Developer and head of software developments at Arangaya Apps. With in his four year experience of Mobile Apps Development in Singapore & Norway he has developed tons of mobile apps for numerous customers all over the world.  

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, he had his primary and secondary education at Maris Stella College in Negombo, Sri Lanka before he left for Singapore for his higher studies.


Shenal Murray - Co-Founder


Shenal started his career as a graphic and web designer and developer. He started his interest in Mobile Apps UI Designing after meeting his other co-founder Chamira  Fernando in Singapore.

He is 23 Years old and he started his primary education at Maris Stella College in Negombo, Sri Lanka and then continued his secondary education at Republic Polytechnic, Singapore. He studied Information 
Technologies(Specialized in Multimedia) at Republic Polytechnic Singapore.

He believes that his creativity he has got is inherited from his dad, who is a well known professional photographer (Clifford Murray). He was born and raised in an environment that values creativity which makes him to choose this as his career path.

He is currently Holding, Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop, Adobe Certified Instructor for Photoshop, Autodesk Certified Associate for 3Ds Max, Autodesk Certified Professional for 3Ds Max.